Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita, Te Amo, Modern Aquatic Nightsongs

Atlas Sound's Bradford Cox has been a busy man lately. With the release of Deerhunter's fourth album Halcyon Digest and four, that's right, four bedroom albums released in the same week, the Deerhunter front man is already actively working on his new album for his solo project, Atlas Sound.

So far there have been three releases from the new album that will be titled "Parallax". The first single is 'Terra Incognita' ("unknown land" in Latin) which is a fairly mellowed out tune before the pace picks up a bit moving the song into a dreamy state. The second song release is called 'Te Amo' which consists of some simple piano loops and drum rhythms while mainly focusing on Cox's vocals, which is a bit unusual for Bradford. The latest song to be revealed for the upcoming LP is the track 'Modern Aquatic Nightsongs' and is a bit more esoteric with lots of noise and reverb.

 'Terra Incognita'
 'Te Amo'
 'Modern Aquatic Nightsongs'

Having had the pleasure of seeing Deerhunter perform in the past, it's great to see Bradford working on fantastic new material which hopefully he can bring to Australia soon. 

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