Sunday, 17 July 2011

Video: Tom Vek - Aroused

After a six year wait between releases by the self-taught, multi-instrumentalist Tom Vek, his second album Leisure Seizure was finally released back in June. Now an awesome video has been revealed for the track, 'Aroused' which features some 'really, really ridiculously good looking' people chugging down cigarettes.

Tom Vek had words to about the underlying connotations of the video and how it fits into the rest of the album.Vek explains "It's a nod to the way in which smoking is used heavily and quite innocently in art and fashion". In the video, it represents feelings of being overwhelmed and extremities—both of which tie in with the sentiment of the album."

Following Tom Vek's debut release, 'We Have Sound' back in 2005, Leisure Seizure continues the same punk-ish electronica that made his debut a great success.

Check the video after the jump!

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